Frequently Asked Questions

+ What Are Canna Panels?

Canna Panels are a new way to quickly erect an indoor gardening space with non-absorbent construction material with a surface that is FDA approved for food preperation areas. Our panel systems are modular, easily assembled walls and ceilings that join to each other with a hermetically sealed slip lock connection. Each panel enclosure is designed, engineered and assembled to meet local building codes and permitting requirements.

+ What are Canna Panels Dimensions?

We make our enclosures systems to order at our manufacturing facility. Each panel is uniformly 4 feet wide, with the thickness determined by the specific application. Typically our customers ask for 12'-14' high rooms, with a wide variety of lengths to fit each customer’s garden designs.

+ Do Canna Panels Reflect Light Well?

Yes. Our Panels have a highly reflective coating that increases side light intensity with a spectrally uniform light refraction which improves “under canopy” light levels. Tests have shown that increased PPFD levels in grow environments can have dramatically positive effects on plant development.

+ What are Canna Panels Made Out Of?

Canna Panels are made in the USA with a patent-protected Expanded Polystyrene core, jacketed with 26 gauge steel across the entire panel surface. Our proprietary bonding process, coupled with our advanced production techniques, gives each panel unparalleled strength to weight ratios. Our steel facing is factory finished with an ultra white dura-coat surface for maximum wear resistance.

+ How are Canna Panels Systems Assembled?

Canna Panels walls are placed into the provided floor mounted track, a light silicone bead is applied to the female side of the opposing panel, which are then joined by gently pushing one against the other into place. Ceiling panels are placed on top of the walls and are joined using the same silicone seaming process as the wall panels. After mounting the ceiling panels and joining them together, the walls and ceilings are joined with industrial grade fasteners (provided by Canna Panels). Lastly, color matched finishing trim is installed anywhere walls or ceilings meet, to give the enclosure a seamless appearance and create a bio safety zone for your plants.

+ Are Canna Panels guaranteed?

Yes! Canna Panels come with a 10-year guarantee against all manufacture defects – currently the best warranty offer in the business. Due to our advanced bonding procedure, our panels are guaranteed not to separate or fail when properly installed.

+ Are Canna Panels Easy To Install?

Yes. Canna Panels can be installed by anyone from a professional contractor or someone with limited experience. Our systems are pre-cut at our factory to provide you with the perfect fit for your space. On-site assembly is very easy, and can be accomplished by using simple tools you already have in your tool kit. Our customers regularly experience install times that take less than half the time of a similar project using conventional materials. Request an estimate for more details on installation.

+ Are Canna Panels Cost Effective

Yes! Canna Panels are a cost effective alternative to conventional building materials. Our structural systems are single step process that replaces framing, insulating and finishing. Using Canna Panels’ system averages a savings of about 40% on material costs by square foot. Because panels are pre-cut, installation takes half the time of a normal build out. With savings on labor factored in, Canna Panels’ customers experience incredibly significant savings. Request an estimate today for more details on pricing.

+ Do Canna Panels Require Any Surface Refinishing?

Canna Panels arrive fully painted with an FDA approved food preparation grade coating that is ready for use immediately upon installation. There is no additional finishing or surface preperation neccessary.

+ Why are Canna Panels The Best Modular Choice?

Canna Panels are made from Expanded Polystyrene - the same type of material used to make food product containers and coolers. Other panel systems are made from urethane foam, an unsafe material for cannabis grows. There are several differences between urethane and polyurethane:

  • No Off-gassing: Expanded polystyrene does not off-gas. This has several benefits especially when it comes to applications involving indoor agriculture. Urethane rapidly off-gasses, letting harmful vapors trapped in the material escape as the internal bubbles containing the gasses become brittle and crack. As the gas escapes from urethane foam, it can be dangerous to both plants and humans in high concentrations.

  • Stable R-Values: Expanded polystyrene will not degrade, deform or off-gas. Canna Panels' products are stable, their insulative (R-Value) is constant which keeps all insulative properties throughout their entire service life. Urethane panels gradually lose their insulation rating, dropping as much as 50% in the first 6 months as gas escapes from the foam.

  • Non-Absorbent: EPS is extremely water resistant and will not hold water vapor or liquid on its surface or within the panels. Our panels are completely water resistant so we also use them to make plant trays as they are an excellent water-proof surface. In time, Urethane will absorb and hold water providing a place where mold and bacteria thrive.

+ Do Canna Panels replace my insulation?

Yes. Using our systems means you do not need any seperate insulation. Canna Panels have excellent insulation qualities that can fit within even the most stringent effeciency standards, including California’s Title 24. To obtain a specific set of R-values for the panels, please speak with a Canna Panels Specialist by requesting an estimate.

+ Do Canna Panels Support All of My Grow Equipment?

Yes. Canna Panels are very structurally sound and are made to support equipment loads like those found in a typical commercial indoor garden. Our systems have been approved by every major building department in the nation, and can be sized to your needs. Canna Panels’ clients all recieve city approval to mount cultivation lights, conduit and plumbing runs, carbon filters, inline fans and HVAC air handlers directly from the ceilings of their enclosures. Please contact a Canna Panels Specialist to discuss your particular application.

+ Are Canna Panels easy to maintain?

After installing Canna Panels, your entire enclosure is water resistant that you can hose down without worry of water damage or water retention. The surface of our panels are FDA-certified food preperation areas – this means that cleaning with an appropriate sanitizing agent secures that surfaces are truly clean. Our factory coating has very low surface porosity that leaves no hiding spots for harmful pathogens.

+ Are Canna Panels resistant to mold and bacteria?

Canna Panels are far more resistant to mold and bacteria than conventional building materials and foam panels on the current market. Mold and insects cannot hold onto the panel’s surface and the lack of moisture in each panel creates an inhospitible place for any invasive life forms. Because of our superior manufacturing techniques, Canna Panels can be pressure washed after each cycle to minimize any chance of an outbreak.

+ Are Canna Panels guaranteed?

Canna Panels come with a 10-year guarantee for any manufacture defects. Our warranty is the best in the business, which is twice as long as our closest competitor. Due to our technologically-advanced bonding procedure, our panels are guaranteed not to separate or fail if they are properly installed.

+ What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Using Canna Panels?

-Canna Panels SAVE MONEY: The cost of traditional construction including framing, insulating, drywall, seaming, priming and painting is on average 40% more per square foot than Canna Panels.

-Canna Panels SAVE TIME: Typically our clients cut their structural buildout time in half using our products.

-Canna Panels WORK BETTER. Our panels:

  • Provide better efficiency through higher insulative properties.
  • Trap RF from lights and plant tracking equipment.
  • Uniformly reflect light onto plants.
  • Do not absorb moisture.
  • Do not harbor harmful molds and pests.
  • Do not need to be replaced due to water damage.
  • Do not shed insulated dust or debris onto your plants.

+ How Are Canna Panels Installed?

Canna Panels can be installed by you or a professional contractor. The panels are straightforward to set-up and use, and are easy to modify to any specifications. Though, commercial installations need to be performed by a licensed contractor, Canna Panels can assist sourcing installtion for you (depending on your area). Personal Canna Panels systems can be easily assembled by the average home gardener.

+ Are Special Tools required to install Canna Panels?

-Canna Panels can be installed with standard power tools. The panels can be modified onsite, using the provided “Thumper” blade. This is a saw blade made to cut the panels without damaging the foam core, allowing for clean edges with zero R-value loss.

+ Do Canna Panels Come Pre-built?

Canna Panels are shipped to your door ready to assemble or be installed. It comes flat-packed, bundled and labeled for ease of assembly. Although we offer packaged systems, we do not pre-assemble.

+ Are Canna Panels Air-tight, Light-protected, and Smell-proof?

When properly installed and assembled, Canna Panels are more vapor-tight and light-protected than drywall. Our steel-surfaced panel systems are non-permeable to VOC and water vapor. A hermetically sealed exterior trim is included with each Canna Panels system.